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Our clients include many FinTech and Government organisations where best practice from a DEVSecOps perspective is paramount.

Experience the difference with AppGenie, your certified Copado delivery partner and a trailblazer in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD). Our prowess in DevSecOps practices utilizing Copado, AzureDevOps, Flowsum and AutoRabbit takes your business beyond mere transformation; it propels you towards a realm of operational excellence that drives results.

Has your Salesforce configuration compromised your security?

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Native Salesforce does not include a robust backup solution and the onus of responsibility for security rests with the individual customer. Often times we find neglected instances with multiple security vulnerabilities & data exposure.

We provide a holistic approach to ensuring our clients Org’s are running at their best, whilst also ensuring staff are following best practice.

Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation assessment of your business. We are focused on providing value and in many cases can implement processes which increase effciency and reduce operating costs.

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