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Salesforce World Tour 2023 in Sydney was fantastic!

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  • 19 MAR 2023
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Here’s some of the highlights.

The Salesforce World Tour Sydney event was a great success, with many attendees joining both in person at the ICC Sydney and through the live stream of the keynote. The event brought together a diverse group of trailblazers who were interested in discovering innovative solutions to help solve their business challenges, regardless of their company size or industry.

WorldTour showcased the collaborative spirit of the Salesforce ecosystem and highlighted the company's continued interest in the Australia and New Zealand region. Senior executives traveled from around the world to attend, indicating that this region is a key area for growth.

During the event, AppGenie’s Senior Solutions Lead Mark Townsend and BDM Brendan Walsh met with clients and partners to discuss how we can support them. These include;

  • Resource Augmentation:
    Leveraging AppGenie’s experience across Development, Architecture, BA, Change, where we can supply resources on a flexible basis.
  • Implementations / Integrations:
    Utilising our teams considerable experience with new CRM rollouts including the complexities that come from multiple integrations.
  • Software Development:
    Benefiting from our vast AppExchange experience to successfully launch new packages.
  • DevSecOps:
    Maximising the release management process including using tools such as DigitSec S4 for code scan with a security focus.

The event's keynote addressed many of the challenges facing companies today, including overwhelming amounts of data and rising customer expectations for more personalized experiences.

This year’s World Tour theme zeroed in on what it means to be a customer centric company in 2023. Salesforce has developed a Customer Company Playbook and introduced new software suites to help companies navigate these challenges and improve their technology investments.

We love technolgy at AppGenie and the we see the introduction of Salesforce Data Cloud as a game changer in the Salesforce Ecosystem, it will impact everything from reporting to integration and more! Reach out to discuss the ramifications for your business today - were happy to walk you through this exciting development.

The three areas of the playbook that AppGenie focuses on with its customers include;

  • Creating a Customer 360.
  • Building apps and automating workflows.
  • Understanding customers through Data Cloud.
We also explored more around Hyperforce, Salesforce's new infrastructure layer that unifies the foundations of the various clouds and allows for rapid and secure scaling using public cloud partners.

As you know we love Servless computing, especially the combination of Salesforce, AWS ;amp; Lambda. If you need some support in this area or want to find how Serverless can help you, call us!

Overall, the Salesforce World Tour Sydney event was a great success and provided attendees with valuable insights and innovative solutions to help them tackle their business challenges.

Copado Continues to grow as the leading Salesforce release management Tool.

Mark Townsend and Brendan Walsh attended a social event hosted by Copado. Copado helps Salesforce organisations maximise the value of the platform by realising the business value of DevOps in simpler and more reliable way. We were pleased to meet the Matt Hill, Managing Director, EMEA as well as others from the European team along with the team representing ANZ and SEA. During World Tour we were pleased to host clients at the Copado stand, where Steven Wong presented a comprehensive demonstration including some live deploys.

R.M Williams Cracking Whips Using Salesforce!

After the keynote presentation, we witnessed some of the impressive achievements of the Trailblazer community.

For example, R.M. Williams has placed a strong emphasis on their customers, making them the core of everything they do. The company provides value to customers at every stage of their purchasing journey, such as by sending tailored notifications about the leather being used to make their boots and helpful information on how to care for their purchases.

By adopting this customer-first approach, R.M. Williams has reaped remarkable benefits, including a 42% reduction in phone calls and a 176% increase in order value from email campaigns.